Warranty & Returns

Limited Product Warranty
We are committed to providing our customers with products that guarantee satisfaction and reliable service throughout the natural life of the product. Our cases are designed to safeguard your device, not the case itself, so the lifespan of the case will depend on proper care and usage. At, we assure our customers that our products are free from any defects in material and workmanship for 360 days (unless otherwise specified in the product description) from the date of purchase, as reflected in our warranty policy. 

This limited warranty does not cover defects from product misuse, product neglect, product abuse, product tampering, product alterations and unauthorized product repairs. The limited warranty also does not cover improper cleaning/care of your product. For proper care, please refer to the manufacturer's website or contact the manufacturer directly. reserves the right to repair or replace the product if a limited warranty applies. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover any consequential damage to a person or property other than the product purchased. For more details on our limitation of liability, please go to

Returns Policy

Return for Unsatisfaction:

We try to ensure the product descriptions are accurate and clear, but manufacturers are constantly making improvements or cosmetic changes. We also describe the purpose for which goods are sold. If you want to use the goods for some other purpose, you must satisfy yourself in advance that the goods will meet that purpose.

There are some reasons why the goods we have supplied may be unsatisfactory. If goods do not meet the description in some significant way that is to your detriment, or the goods are not fit for the purpose we have described, or if the goods have arrived damaged or faulty (other than due to damage in transit), then we will accept their return for a refund of the price paid including postage for the items affected, providing you notify us within 7 days of receipt. You can also return goods at your expense within 7 days of receipt for any other reason but we do not refund postage.

You must look after the goods before returning them, and ensure they are returned in the condition you received them, with packaging.

If you do not notify us within 7 days that you wish to return the goods, then you have accepted them. However, if you are a consumer and, within 12 months of supply, you find a fault that was present when the goods were supplied, then we will consider that to be a fault on the date they were supplied unless we can show that it was not the case. In such cases, we will accept the return for a refund of the price paid for the items affected.

Return for Warranty:

If goods develop a fault within one year, we will offer either a REPLACEMENT, a CREDIT NOTE valid for 36 months, OR a REFUND. It is your responsibility to return faulty goods to us at your expense before we can offer any of these nor even during the return is still in transit.

To clarify, with the exception of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, the full extent of liability that we have to you as a result of any fault in goods we have supplied is for us to REPLACE the goods or, in some cases, a FULL REFUND of the price paid for the goods.

If the value of the invoice is less than or equal to AU$500, including GST, the cost of returning goods will be your responsibility and an administration fee of $10 will apply. If the invoice value is over $500, including GST, an additional restocking fee of 20% will be charged. Please be aware that the delivery of goods is a third-party service that you requested, and according to our cancellation policy, it cannot be cancelled once it has been provided. Therefore, we do not provide refunds for postage charges. 

Returns Process
Please drop us an email at stating your name, address, contact number, invoice/order number, product code or product name and description of issues you are having. Please attach any images if necessary. If approved, we will issue a Return Authorization number and an instruction to return the product.

Package Refusal
If a customer refuses (does not accept) the package or if the package is returned to us due to the wrong address provided or non-collection or non-attended shipping address, the customer will be billed a $10 administration fee. Prior to sending your package back, please request a Return Authorization number; otherwise, the customer is refusing to comply with the company policies and will not be entitled to any refund(s) or reimbursement(s).